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Inu Yasha

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Inu Yasha Ani-Manga Graphic Novel 22 (Color)

Dark priestess Tsubaki was once Kikyo's rival for Keeper of the Sacred Jewel. Now, unable to forgive and consumed by her ambition to control the jewel, she uses a shard in her eye to devour demons and gain their power - and Inuyasha is next on her list! Later, Wind Sorceress Kagura plans to escape her evil master Naraku by using jewel shards ripped from Koga's legs!

Inu Yasha Ani-Manga Graphic Novel 23 (Color)

Kagura has long sought to be free of her evil master's grasp, and when it appears that Naraku's powers have weakened, she plans her escape. But, afraid to take such a dangerous gamble alone, she tries to enlist Sesshomaru's help by offering him the jewel shards she stole from Koga's legs. Meanwhile, Naraku's newest incarnation is slaughtering humans and stealing their faces! What is this Faceless Man after, and how does he know Kagome?

Inu Yasha Ani-Manga Graphic Novel 24 (Color)

The fight against the mysterious Muso continues! Although he seems to be an incarnation of Naraku, like Kagura and Kanna, he doesn't appear to be under Naraku's control. After seeing Kagome, something awakens within Muso - memories of a past involving Inuyasha and Kikyo. Inuyasha heads to see Totosai in order to find a way to increase the power of the Tetsusaiga.

Inu Yasha Ani-Manga Graphic Novel 25 (Color)

Inuyasha and friends head to the coastal region to confront a horde of bat demons. There, Inuyasha meets Shiori, a young girl who is also a half-demon. He sympathizes with Shiori because they are both outcasts from the worlds of demons and humans. Inuyasha learns that the only way to make himself more powerful is by killing the young girl... Can he go through with it?

Inu Yasha Ani-Manga Graphic Novel 26 (Color)

Using his blade Tetsusaiga, Inuyasha uncovers the Panther Demons' hideout. While he searches for the kidnapped Kagome and battles hoards of Panther Demons, his older brother Sesshomaru arrives on the scene and orders him to leave, but Inuyasha insists on fighting alongside his brother. With the revival of the Panther Demons' leader at hand, can Inuyasha, Koga and Sesshomaru work together long enough to defeat the great demon and rescue Kagome?

Inu Yasha Ani-Manga Graphic Novel 27 (Color)

Jaken plots to steal the Tetsusaiga from Inuyasha, but ends up getting kidnapped by Naraku's incarnation, Kagura. Meanwhile, Sesshomaru grows tired of Naraku's games and plans to destroy him once and for all. When Inuyasha and Sesshomaru confront Naraku together, will their combined power be enough to stop the evil machinations of their foe?

Inu Yasha Ani-Manga Graphic Novel 29 (Color)

Sensing a great demonic presence, Inuyasha and the others follow it, hoping it will lead them to Naraku. Instead, they find themselves at a castle being haunted by a giant demon's floating head! At first, the group decides to help rid the castle of the demon and quickly go on their way. But when Miroku learns of the beautiful princess residing there, plans quickly change, much to Sango's chagrin...

Inu Yasha Ani-Manga Graphic Novel 4 (Color)

Inuyasha is caught in a struggle with the Thunder Brothers, and Kagome's attempts to help him are going awry. Can Inuyasha triumph over the evil brothers when much of his attention is focused on Kagome? Later, when Kagome returns to her time, she discovers that the Shikon jewel shards are wrecking havoc not only in Japan's medieval past, but in the modern world as well.

Inu Yasha Ani-Manga Graphic Novel 7 (Color)

Inuyasha's despicable half-brother Sesshomaru has taken possession of their father's powerful sword, the Tetsusaiga, and Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, and their new companion Miroku must fight desperately against Sesshomaru's attacks. But do they stand a chance against a sword that can slay a hundred demons with a single stroke?

Inu Yasha Ani-Manga Graphic Novel 8 (Color)

When Inuyasha hears that Kikyo may be alive, no one can stop him from chasing after her in hopes of reconciliation. But Kikyo, who was raised from the dead by an evil witch, is out for revenge on Inuyasha. Kagome witnesses their confrontation and feels pangs of jealousy as Inuyasha expresses his true feelings to Kikyo... but will Kikyo ever accept the truth about what happened 50 years ago and forgive Inuyasha?

Inu Yasha Anime Profiles

Collected in one handy volume is everything you need to know about Kagome, Inuyasha, and the Shikon jewel. Every character, every plot twist, and everything thrilling moment of the historical fantasy is presented in a clear and comprehensive manner. Along with all of the stunning artwork and historical facts, this profiles book features comments from Takahashi on every aspect of her creative process.

Inu Yasha BIG Edition Graphic Novel 1

Kagome is a modern Japanese high school girl. Never the type to believe in myths and legends, her world view dramatically changes when, one day, she's pulled out of her own time and into another! There, in Japan's ancient past, Kagome discovers more than a few of those dusty old legends are true, and that her destiny is linked to one legendary creature in particular - the dog-like half-demon called Inuyasha!

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