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Princess Nine DVD Complete Series (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Patrick Drazen - Mar 9 2014
Rating: Wonderful!
One of a kind high school baseball story.
This series has most of the usual tropes found in sports anime: building the team, dealing with the sometimes bizarre personalities behind the talent, confronting hostile opponents in pursuit of the prize. One big difference that sets everything in motion: the team here is the first and only team from a girls high school. Just getting credibility is a struggle before they can even take the field.

This is a very satisfying mashup of shonen and shoujo. The cornerstone of the team is Ryo Hayakawa, a pitching phenom whose father was also a standout pitcher. There's her arch-rival, a tennis ace who turns out to be a power hitter as well as a part of a romantic triangle; a drunken washed-up coach; a former juvenile delinquent; the usual assortment of eccentric but talented players. My favorites include Mao, the beefy catcher who was recruited from the judo team, and Yuki, a former softball phenom who's almost catatonic and communicates through a pipe-cleaner doll--her back-story is quite revealing. The music by Masamichi Amano is lush and orchestral, the story by Hiro Maruyama deftly balances all of the elements, and director Tomomi Mochizuki brings his experience from the definitive baseball anime "Touch". This is a Buried Treasure which will win over those who think they don't like sports anime AND those who think they don't like shoujo stories.

Vernon E. Parker - Jun 17 2014
Rating: Pretty good!
Very good older title
If you liked The Big Windup then you should like this story, even though they are not similar. It is simply a baseball tale told very well. The story is primarily about a school administrator who is trying to defy tradition and form a female baseball team for her school with the goal of reaching the pinnacle of Japanese high school baseball. There are a couple of side stories in between the beginning and end concerning the development of most of the players and they are told very well in a way that compliments the main story arc. The only thing about this series I absolutely did not like was the very last episode. EVERY, and I mean all, the episodes of this series do a fantastic job of advancing the story and not having any fluff and lull like so many series do in the middle portions. Then you get to the very last episode and think 'what were they thinking'. If you don't mind every episode of your series being truly excellent and then the last episode being mediocre, then this series is for you.