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Tylor, Irresponsible Captain TV Series DVD Collection (Hyb) Remastered

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Reviews of this title:

Alan M. Nadaskay - May 18 2009
Rating: Wonderful!
Excellent old school anime, sci-fi opera with a comedic twist.
The anime is great, old school anime with an amazing cast and voice talents both for the american dubbing and the origional japanese audio. This anime has action in it but tries to stay amusing at the same time.

Seddon A. Wagoner - May 24 2009
Rating: Wonderful!
he's just a fool... or is he?
Justi Ueki Tylor Is introduced as a rather strange guy. Pretty untrustworthy and very laid back he's the last person you;d look to as an authority figure. Yet seemingly by happy accident he foils a hostage situation involving a retired admiral and from there is given command of the Soyokaze; a rundown battleship crewed by the most delinquent group in the armed forces.

From there Tylor is faced with one incident after another all of which are seemingly resoled thanks mainly to his "bungling". Time and again he and his unreliable crew escape intricate traps and plots of enemy and ally alike. His actions eventually shake the entire war effort on both sides to their very core.

This is easily a Classic, incredibly entertaining and well written. A must watch for almost any Anime fan out there. This is also some of Crispen Freeman's (Alucard [Hellsing], Xelgatus [Slayers] and Straight Couger [S-Cry-Ed]) best work. In addition the rest of the VA's in both languages pull of great performances. Certainly the animation shows it's age but it's still quite good. I can't recomend this series highly enough.