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Scryed (S-cry-ed) Graphic Novel 3

Kazuma faces Cougar, his surrogate brother when the two of them were young boys growing up in the wastelands. And their fight gives Akira and Harnish enough time to rescue the captured members of LAWLESS from HOLY headquarters. But eventually the two former friends begin to talk, piecing together what could be an elaborate conspiracy in the upper ranks of HOLY: Cougar joined the organization on the condition that the government would send more aid to the starving families living in the wastelands.

George Tatsunani was in charge of those shipments and used his position to hunt down and brutally execute Alter Users. When Ryuhou shows up, he, too, is illuminated of the transgressions of the organization that he holds so dear, but before the entire plot is revealed, Cougar is murdered at the hands of another HOLY officer, Urizane, who is promptly defeated by an enraged Kazuma.

Ryuhou returns to HOLY headquarters to learn that he has been stripped of his authority. Kazuma returns to LAWLESS headquarters with Mimori to discover it turned to ruins by HOLY operatives.

Story by Yosuke Kuroda and Art by Yasunari Toda.


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