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Gatchaman: Collector's Edition DVD 5 (Hyb): Guillotines & Witches

A cliff carving of the face of Jesus Christ is transformed by Galactor into a rampaging magma giant! How can Gatchaman defeat this sacrilegious abomination?

Then in episode twenty-six, to the surprise of everyone in the Science Ninja Team Ryu the Owl (G-5) decides to quit and go back home! With Ryu gone, how can the team combine and still use the God Phoenix?

Next in "Galactor's Witch Racer," Joe enters the World Custom Car Endurance Race with the sexy but mysterious Lucy after she promises to reveal Galactor's headquarters. Danger lurks around every treacherous turn and someone just might not make it out alive!

In "The Invisible Devil," children keep dissolving into thin air! Galactor is using kid's brainwaves to power the invisible menace Alphagila. What will the Science Ninja Team do after Alphagila secretly steals all of the ISO's secrets? And what will become of the children?!

Then we meet "Galack X, The Demon Man!" Jinpei and Ryu visit the orphanage where Jinpei grew up and help the orphans out with their kickboxing skills. Meanwhile, Galactor intends to trigger an eruption in the local volcano and burn the town and the orphanage to ash!

Finally, "Kamisoral, The Guillotine Iron Beast" is attacking the Earth's dams and water facilities. Gatchaman is worries that a nuclear power plant could be next. Kamisoral becomes a white shadow making missles and the God Phoenix useless. It is up to Dr. Nambu and the ISO's scientific expertise to devise a plan to defeat this horror!

DVD Features: Clean Opening Animation, Clean Closing Animation, Commentary with Andy McAvin, Gatchaman Karaoke, Previews.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.


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