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Death Note Movie 1 DVD (Hyb) LiveAction

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Reviews of this title:

Jenell McGregor - Dec 12 2008
Rating: Wonderful!
WOW~! Bring on DN MOVIE 2!
I was kinda sceptic about this at first with it having the dub and all. I throughly enjoyed it though perhaps more than the anime; I think it is because it goes all the way through up till what happens in the 5th disc of the anime yet the plot is somewhat different. I like how it isn't in episodes and you don't have to watch it episode by episode. As for the dub it was really well done even though the lip synch doesn't match it perfectly. You just have to ignore the lips and the story will be engrossing enough to make you watch more. Bring on the 2nd DN movie! Can't wait till it comes out.