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Slayers Season 4 DVD Set (Hyb) (Slayers Revolution)

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Reviews of this title:

Ogie Doggie - Mar 16 2010
Rating: Not all that good.
A great disappointment story wise - What Happened?
We've been waiting a long time for another Slayers OVA so here goes the review:

What's good: The animation is excellent and they brought back all the original English voice actors except for the character Xellos.

What's bad: well were to begin. The English voice actor for the character Xellos is horrible. Then Gourry the swordsman no longer has the Sword of Light (which has been in his family for generations I believe) and they give no reason for him no having it. And seeing Gourry without the Sword of Light through an entire 13 episodes completely takes away from his character, because character wise (as you will see) he's basically nothing without it.

The new character in this series (a weird looking rabbit) looks like he escaped from the Sonic The Hedgehog TV series and does not fit in with Slayers series at all.

You will find that each episode drags and is not fast moving and crazy like the other 3 seasons of Slayers (in fact I found myself fast forwarding during some scenes just to get the story moving. That's when I realized something: - normally there is a lot of adult humor in Slayers but not in this series, and after finishing the last episode I realized that basically this was written for ages 12 and under (which now makes sense why they put the new rabbit character in).

Yes fans of Slayers we have been screwed by the writer/director on this one and I ask that you please write your reviews here and let them know (we want a REAL Slayers OVA for adults).

Also there were no interviews with the English voice actors which you have to admit should have been an exciting event to be back working on Slayers again after all these years.

My advise is if you have to see this then wait until it goes on a super discount.

J Green - Mar 30 2010
Rating: Pretty good!
Lina's Back.............!
The reason for Ghourry not having the sword of light was expalined in the last episode of Slayers Try, the story was up to previous Slayers standards, I thought the new voice actor for Xellos was far better than David Moo whom I hated, Lisa Ortiz and the other major charactors va's were back-this is a pretty good piece of story telling. What it come down to is do you you like Slayers or not-if you do you'll like this-if not than you won't. I liked it a lot.