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Gakuen Alice DVD Collection (S)

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Reviews of this title:

fasd d. fsa - Aug 13 2008 adsfj
Rating: Wonderful!
It's kinda a touching story...sniff...
I absilutely loved this series of anime.It's such a entertaining series wit the upbeat main character and some of her kinda negative friends.I think that overall, this was a really good anime.

Karen T. - Jul 18 2009
Rating: Pretty good!
Charming, and Entertaining,though is sometimes hindered by lackluster animation.
Gakuen Alice is an adaptation of the Gakuen Alice manga which you can also get from When I first heard that Gakuen Alice was coming to the States, I was estatic. I will admit I feel a dub would be amazing, but I am still entirely pleased with it being sub only. The box itself is cute, with nice artwork, and the DVD covers themselves are nice aswell. I especially like the "Period 1, 2..." addition, to go along with the school theme, good going on Nozomi/Rightstuf's part.

Animation: Well, I really don't like it sadly, it just doesn't do the original series justice, but still serves the purpose I suppose.

Story: In the anime it takes on a more childish tone than in the manga, but still is chockfull with Mikan's antics, which is nice. I really like the Gakuen Alice franchise/series, and this is still a great addition to have if you are a fan. They get to squee-inducing or laugh-inducing parts in the manga which are great to see animated, and it's done quite nicely. However, the most bizzarre part is that I was shocked at how little they were able to or put in the anime from the manga. They barely got through vol. 5, not even! I feel they could of gone further, though I admit they might not have enough time to finish that particular arc without it being a complete cliffhanger when the series ended at 26 episodes, so I understand their reasoning. I would also like to note that the last few episodes are anime original and do not happen in the manga, so I didn't like them that much, but I suppose they were still nice.

If you enjoyed the anime, I highly suggest you check out the manga series, the art is really nice, and the story has much, MUCH, more plot twists and turns that you will definately enjoy, so with your copy of the Gauken Alice Anime, why not buy a couple of the manga volumes? ;)

Bryan J. Milk - Mar 25 2014
Rating: Wonderful!
Simply brilliant.
I have watched it once when i was a kid.Didn't understand much how much work's putted into this anime. Now that i rewatch it , it's really entertaining .Even though i hate buying the dvds , i brought this and no regrets . If u haven't buy this out yet , u should . It has a pretty nice story line , it's entertaining and it's hard to explain , just buy it now.