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Armitage III DVD Complete Saga (Hyb) - Anime Classics

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Ogie Doggie - Aug 15 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
Finally all Three DVD's in a box set - about time!
This is really great, finally all three animes in one box set.

A little background: This is definitely influenced by Ripley Scott's scifi movie BLADERUNNER...but this story is original enough to stand on its own two legs.

Ten years ago I could ask any anime fan and they would have seen ARMITAGE III (III stands for THE THIRD as in third type robot) but now ten years later I ask anime college students if they've seen ARMITAGE III and they have no idea what I am talking about (these are truly sad times my friend).

First Disc: This is the original 1995 Cyber Punk four part OVA anime.

Second Disc: Released in Japan 1996 ARMITAGE III Poly-Matrix movie - which is the four part OVA only with some scenes cut and new ones added in (it does clean up the storyline) also they got Elizabeth Berkley to voice Armitage and Kiefer Sutherland to voice Detective Ross Sylibus. This was geared for the foreign Market because the Audio was in English only with Japanese subtitles only! But on this disc it has no Japanese subtitles (sorry you'll have to find an original one for that).

Third Disc: In 2003 a Brand new movie ARMITAGE III DUAL-MATRIX movie (digital artwork) which takes place 6 years later. This is my opinion: they did a really good job on all the characters artwork except for Armitage...they made her look older and domesticated (which if you watch the interview with the Director this was his intent) no more of that young cyber punk in your face attitude look..then again you have to realize that she does have a five year old daughter in this one. But it is jammed pack with a lot of action.

So now is the time to get this box set (especially if you've never seen this series) and check out one of the hottest Cyber Punk chicks you'll ever see! Its also a lot of fun to watch the original four part OVA then watch Poly Matrix Movie and see if you can spot what scenes the cut out and added in.