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Crest of the Stars DVD Complete Collection (Hyb) (Anime Legends)

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Reviews of this title:

Ogie Doggie - Jun 15 2006
Rating: Pretty good!
Pretty Good Series
This is a GREAT series - It really surprised me ! Instead of getting some new series I thought I would try this somewhat old one out. Wow was I surprised! Although the animation looks a little old the storyline really makes up for it. We have a boy and a girl, both 16 years old and both from different backgrounds and races. The girl has always lived in space and oh yes she is from a royal family while the boy has lived on a planet and only has a royal title.

Events bring them togother for a wild ride (in space and on the surface of another planet) of adventure as they become dependant upon one another to survive. You will find yourself totally caught up in their story. There is alot of action but the must interesting part is the spoken and body language that goes on between these two as they learn about each other.

I am watching the sequal to this "Banner of the Stars" and it just keeps getting better. I can't wait to see the next sequal "Banner of the Stars II".

Cameron S. Stewart - Apr 7 2007
Rating: Pretty good!
A nice space opera anime, without the good dub.
Around the time I had been getting into anime, a friend recommended me this series as a must-have. Trusting him, I took the chance and ordered the complete collection and I must say, he was mostly right.

The story follows Jinto Lin, a young boy who, after the invasion of the Abh nation, becomes one of the nobles and will be sent to an Abh school. Along the way, he meets Lafiel, an Abh who will serve as his guide. When he makes it to the Gozroth, however, disaster strikes as the ship is placed under attack by another fleet. Jinto and Lafiel barely manage to escape, and soon they're taken away on a thrilling adventure to get each other to safety, as well as their intended destination.

The plot itself takes some time to get going (if you buy the individual DVDs, it won't pick up until midway through the last episode on the first volume), but when it does it keeps a nice pace, with side missions of varying levels of excitement. They do get peculiar from time to time, but I was interested all the way through. It's a very well-written show!

The only major setback is that the dub is, in a word, terrible. I do watch the dubs of all my anime, but as for Crest, I couldn't take the acting by episode 4, when I started watching it subbed. People may like it, and that's okay.. but I like the dubs in most anime, so that says a lot about this one.

All in all it *is* worth the money. The plot is nice and the visuals and animation are, for the most part, a treat. Give it a chance and ready the subtitles, you'll be in for an interesting (and refreshing) ride with this anime.

B W. BODDY - Aug 15 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
Spectacular !
his is replacing the review that somehow has gone missing.. This gives me the chance to re-write and expend upon my previous review.

This review Covers CREST of the STARS / BANNER of the STARS / BANNER of the STARS II / and the OVA

It’s a great adventure tale Spanning 3 Seasons, Crest of the Stars, Banner of the Stars, Banner of the Stars II and a prequel OVA about lafiels parents.

It’s about the lives of two young people, Jinto and Lafiel, they meet, than they’re hated, then they’re hunted, than they fight together against a common enemy, than lastly a fight against time itself, with lots of action in between.

This is, or I at least will say it is, A Space Opera, Grand in it’s scope but intimate in it’s Main focus Of the love story of Jinto & Lafiel.

Oh and there are Space Battles, lots of those…Many Space Ships are destructed in battles ( including the one they’re on )

I hold this Anime in a special place in my heart, because this is the one. This is the Anime Series that started it all for me, Thanks to this Series I have greatly enjoyed the interest in Anime this Series started.