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Blood: The Last Vampire Novel 1: Night of the Beasts

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Reviews of this title:

collin t. kavitz - Feb 15 2006
Rating: Wonderful!
anime lover
i got this book for a b-day gift and i was like what the heck cause i never herd of this befor but after time i cant get enough of it i hope the auther makes more of this type

Mark E. Kelleher - Sep 6 2010
Rating: This sucked!
Saya only shows up for 5% of this whole book and the rest is exhaustive filler.
I loved the movies, anime, and the manga that I have seen, so when I saw this I was excited. What a disappointment. Saya does not even show up much in the story and the plot is so twisted with useless dialogue that it literally put me to sleep. Little is clear of the origins of the Chiroptereans or Saya or the organization. I felt this was just titled to get sales without understanding the characters or the story. Not a good buy. As to the other reviewers - Were you reading the same book?