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Ah! My Goddess Season 2 DVD 1 (Hyb): Everyone Has Wings

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Mike M - Mar 11 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
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My all-time favorite!

Animation: Quality is excellent with detailed characters and backgrounds. The settings such as the university, the temple where the two main characters live, the auto club and the various vehicles all are done quite well. Some traditional hand-drawn intermixed with cgi. Almost the same level that we saw in the superb movie.

Audio: Superb. I have the soundtracks for both seasons of this anime. The OP by Yoko Ishida has Celtic overtones and is quite compelling. And Kikuko Inoue as the voice of Belldandy...enchanting!

Fan service: practically non-existent. Not the focus of the show. All ages can watch this series.

Summary: The story continues with the second season. Both Morisato and Belldandy continue to develop a slow (okay still painfully slow) relationship. Two new protagonists that manga fans will recognize make their appearance as well as reappearances by the old ones. Shakkin!

As I stated with my review of the first season the character development is superb and unlike the OVA (which while good, felt rushed) there is time to explore them in more detail. A bit more time is spent on supporting characters such as Urd and Skuld as well. Noble Scarlet! Belldandy does assert herself a bit more in this season (we saw a bit of that in the first season as well) which I thought added a bit more depth to her character.

If you like a light humor you will love this series. Comedy plus romance, intermixed with life in college and the campus auto club. Truly wonderful stories that will never fail to bring you up.

This is the only anime that I enjoyed so much I went and bought the manga as well. That and I'd wish they get off their procrastinating posteriors and produce a third season. :)


You won't regret it...and maybe if enough of us do...we'll get more :p