Samurai 7 DVD 1 (Hyb): Search for the Seven

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Stephanie Gonzalez - Sep 19 2005
Rating: Wonderful!
This dvd featured a tale of a village in need of help. They recall a time when other villages were attacked and one survived, one that was defended by samurai. And so Kirara, the water priestess, goes into town with Komachi(Kirara's little sister) and Rikichi(sp?) to find samurai to defend their village. Along the way they come across Katsushiro, a young samurai to be. The rice that they took along with them was stolen and Katsushiro single handedly took down the crook. Kirara has a pendant with water in it that allows her to see the truth in things and in people. Her pendant told her that Katsushiro was not the one. Screams are heard and everyone rushes to see what it is. There's a man that has taken over a shop and took the shopowner's child. We soon meet Kikuchiyo, a red machine samurai who is a little more than eager to help. The man reveals dynomite around his waist and Kambei, the would be "leader" of the bunch emerges from the crowd, and dismantles the dynomite, saving the child. Katsushiro wishes to become Kambei's pupil but Kambei declines. During the episodes, they finally get Kambei to agree and he finally agrees, saying that he will need seven samurai including himself to defend the village but says that Kikuchiyo and Katsushiro will not be coming with them. This is one of the most visually appealing anime title's I've seen! Especially when it comes to the machines, ships, and fields.
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