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Alice In Wonderland: A XXX Parody DVD (D) Adult
Patricia Kendall - Feb 28 2015
Rating: This sucked!
Waste of Money!
I was very disappointed & am ashamed of myself for buying this. I kept thinking it would get better & found that it got progressively worse. It reminded me of Sims & had similar sounds. There was overlapping & no real imagination. Minimal flow & storyline and very poor graphics. I hope someday, someone will create a real Alice in Wonderland Animation that does justice to the concept. This one, however, was nothing close.
Flowers of Evil Graphic Novel 1
Gino Castellanos - Mar 1 2015
Rating: Wonderful!
I don't usually waste time reviewing stuff online but this manga has to be the exception. If you are considering this to be in your shelf, then you probably have done some research about it, if that's the case you'll see how everybody agrees with me here that this manga is a masterpiece in many ways. Just wow. This one is a must-read!! To put it simply, don't even consider it, just buy it, and enjoy the ride.
This Boy Caught a Merman Blu-ray (Hyb)
adam rollins - Mar 2 2015
Rating: Wonderful!
Beautiful and sweet!
While some have said the animation looks iffy, using thought it was pretty and artistic. The bold colors really made it pop! The story was enough to keep me entertained, and Scarborough at points to make me feel for the characters. If you like shone air, then this is great for you!