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Reviews of this title:

Christopher Heng - Jun 22 2001
Rating: Wonderful!
Originally cute!
It's a superb anime! I just got mine & after watching the video, I wanted to buy more titles from Critical Mass!

Vegeta - Jun 26 2001
Rating: Wonderful!
This anime in not perfect, but it's sure a lot of fun to watch. What this film l
This anime in not perfect, but it's sure a lot of fun to watch. What this film lacks in, it makes up for in other areas. The story is pretty unique. Well, I thought it was. A pervert named Aiwa (a.k.a. Katsu and Ka-chan) goes on his first date with his dream girl, whose name is Kozue. When the date is over, he goes home only to discover that he has a package that he had totally forgot about. A couple months ago, Aiwa ordered what he thought was a sex doll. This sex doll ends up being a sex robot that will do anything Aiwa wants her to do. Aiwa, now in hog heaven, names her Satomi (a.k.a. South Pole 28). After a few strange situations and some heartache, Aiwa realizes that Satomi truly cares about him (unlike Kozue). The artwork quality is just a tiny bit above average, but it's definitely not crap. The characters are interesting to say the least. Aiwa (the pervert) finds out that what he wishes for is more than he can handle. Kozue is an airhead who ditches Aiwa to hook up with an old boyfriend. Satomi (the robot) is inexperienced with everything the world has to offer and she's addicted to sex. The music is mostly quarky and overall okay. The dubbing is done by a normal I-can't-voice-act crew. Oh, well. Anyway, Satomi looks like Sailor Moon from the tv series Sailor Moon. I love the scene where Aiwa first realizes that South Pole 28 is not a doll, but a robot. This 45 minute erotic comedy is only for adults. This is a good anime pick up if you're in the mood for a little hentai with some laughs. Let's do it again, Ka-chan!

Daniel Kissell - Feb 14 2003
Rating: Wonderful!
This is funny as hell.
This is the funniest hentai movie I have ever seen and I've seen a lot. Its got some good scenes in it, but doesnt show everything. (Its got that light censoring on the graphic parts.) The story is very funny. Get this movie its a good one, one of my favorites.

Christopher T. Daniel - Mar 13 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
Good Plot and Nice Sex Scenes too!
This Hentai title dvd has mostly straight sex scenes. It has sex scenes every five minutes and a nice plot as well. After watching it, I was looking for more from Critical Mass company.

Chris Daniel - Oct 3 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
Great Addition!
After seeing this Hentai title, I wanted to buy more Critical Mass DVDs as well. It has a nice plot, sometimes funny situations, and a fair amount of sex scenes too.

John A. Callahan - Jan 7 2012
Rating: Pretty good!
Synthetic sex surrogate story with a twist
An interesting & funny little story involving flesh & blood versus a "fully functional" android. Some of the animation is pan & scan on stills and somewhat primitive drafting, but not that bad. The initial sexual encounter is arousing & amusing. Is the "real thing" better? Hmmm...maybe not! An enjoyable DVD.