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Yamibo: Darkness, The Hat, and Travelers of the Books DVD Complete Series (S)

Hatsuki is a high-school student living with Hatsumi, and the two are so close they are like sisters. On Hatsumi's 16th birthday, she is suddenly surrounded by a green light and disappears right in front of Hatsuki! Hatsuki manages to follow Hatsumi with the help of a yellow parakeet named Ken, and ends up in a place called "The Great Library," full of different worlds stored in books.

Retail Price: $29.98
Your Price: $22.49
YuGiOh! 5D's Graphic Novel 6

Goodwin's plan to revive the Ultimate God moves forward as he sets up a match between Akiza and Sect that mirrors a fateful duel five thousand years ago! Yusei has gathered all the Star Tickets and entered the Duel Gate. Even if he can find his friend Sect, he still has to get past the Skeleton Knight, and if he does, will he have the strength to face the Ultimate God?

Retail Price: $9.99
Your Price: $6.69
YuGiOh! Classic DVD Complete Set (D) (Seasons 1-5 + Movie: Bonds Beyond Time)

Retail Price: $229.64
Your Price: $179.99
YuGiOh! GX Season 1 DVD Complete Collection (D)

Retail Price: $44.99
Your Price: $33.99
YuGiOh! Graphic Novel 1-3 Omnibus

Retail Price: $14.99
Your Price: $10.04
YuGiOh! Zexal Graphic Novel 6

Kaito and Shark find themselves in an epic duel with Shadow. The fallout from this battle leads to some surprising revelations about the Numbers War. Luna describes Dr. Faker's plans and the connection with Kaito's brother, Haruto. They also learn that Yuma's friend Astral originally came to destroy the world, and that Dr. Faker isn't actually dead! They'll have to take their battle straight to Mr. Heartland to get to the bottom of his evil schemes!

Retail Price: $9.99
Your Price: $6.69
YuGiOh! Zexal Season 1 DVD Set 1 (D)

Retail Price: $24.95
Your Price: $22.46
Yukarism Graphic Novel 1

Yukari Kobayakawa, an accomplished author at the age of 17, writes with amazingly accurate details about historical Japan. It turns out he has the ability to travel back in time... to his past life as a renowned courtesan in the Edo period! As he goes back and forth between the past and present, he unravels the karmic relationship he has with his beautiful classmate Mahoro Tachibana...

Retail Price: $9.99
Your Price: $6.69
Yuyushiki Blu-ray Complete Collection (S)

Everyone knows you can learn a lot on the internet, and some of it is even true. But if you want to know what's REALLY going on and important, then there's just one place to go: the computer club! Okay, so maybe it's not the club itself, but the three girls you're most likely to find there. And maybe they do spend more time chatting about their social lives and debating things like the virtues of ketchup versus mayonnaise than they do learning about the ins and outs of a keyboard, but whatever they're up to, it's sure to put a smile on your face.

Retail Price: $59.98
Your Price: $44.99

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