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Fake DVD (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Beatrice V. Lapa - Nov 26 2001
Rating: Pretty good!
Not enough minerals!
Pardon the StarCraft-y pun, but this is what best describes what one can feel when watching a too-short anime version of a beautiful manga. Having read at least half the manga, I couldn't help but have biases against this anime. Oh, it still doesn't lose that thrilling sense of romance that could give any girl (or gay guy) butterflies in her/his stomach. However, only the first parts of the manga were condensed into a one-episode OVA. Disappointing? Yes, to say the least. There were so many promising angles in the manga that would have given the anime a real boost, like for instance our central figures Dee's and Ryo's pasts. Since FAKE's environment revolves around the New York Police Department, it would've been interesting for viewers to know how Dee and Ryo ended up being there in the first place. Another is the relationship of supporting characters Carol and Bikky. They have a more intimate kind of bond that was not evident in this 60-minute feature.

For those shonen-ai fans that have not read the manga, they might find the ending a bit lacking. It seems as if the show isn't over yet and that they should expect more to come. I would not blame them. After all, Dee and Ryo are a very fascinating couple. Dee's aggression could sometimes seem adorable, especially as we know that Dee and Ryo are both male and would more or less have the same physical strength and abilities. It's really a fresh change from all that barbaric "I male, I master, you female, you slave" (insert chest-thumping action here) themes that most Freudian oriented hentai titles are dripping with. Take note, though, FAKE is shonen-ai and not yaoi. This simply means that it's a soft love story where the farthest erotic encounter would be a duel of the tongues.

As for the artwork, I still prefer the manga drawing. I haven't gotten used to the crooked lines that make up the anime characters' facial structures, which makes them look so depressed all the time when they're actually expressing silly displays of emotions. Nevertheless, this shouldn't stop one from enjoying the group's little antics that make their otherwise tragic cases humorous.

Bobby Stringini - Jul 22 2003
Rating: Wonderful!
A Great Comapanion to The Manga
I had the joy of getting to read the manga after seeing the anime, and when together, these two play perfectly off each other. The anime is just so hyper and funny to watch that I can't help but love it. Plus the characters are very well written, and over all the production is just great. If you are going to see this I would advise reading the first volume of the manga before (its available now from Tokyopop), because this story actually happens in the second volume. Hope you enjoy.

Kimyou Teki - Apr 12 2007
Rating: Wonderful!
A Shonen-Ai Classic!
This was the first shonen-ai anime I ever saw-- I was totally shocked when they actually kissed XDDDD

I saw it before they brought the manga to the US, so there were some parts I didn't get, like where Bikky and the girl (Kara?) came from, and flashbacks and dialogue made it seem like I wasn't getting the whole story, but it didn't bother me. The story is interesting, the jokes are funny, and the drama is cool. The dub is really GREAT, it has Mona Marshall as Bikky and Sandy Lang's performance as Dee is one of my all-time favorites.

It took me a long time to get around to seeing this, because I was turned away by the overly-detailed, almost grotesque artwork. It's not bishie enough, like Kyo Kara Maoh, Sukisho, or Loveless. But everything else is wonderful, so after a few minutes, it's not even an issue!

I adore this movie and cannot recommend it enough. BUY IT, BUY IT, BUY IT!!!!!