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Detroit Metal City DVD Complete Collection (S)

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Reviews of this title:

Brad Colbow - Jul 12 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
So extreme it kills itself with laughter.
Vulgar language: everywhere Sexually molested: everything "wtf" moments: frequent

Detroit Metal City is different than any other anime I've seen. By far. Without spoiling anything... I showed this to my university's anime club last year. 90% of the people grumbled and groaned about it, but before the first episode was done, every single person - whether they liked the satanic death metal, swearing, etc., or not - was dying with laughter. It's so bad and terrible that it's amazing. The extreme contrast between the main character's natural personality (you want to punch him) and in-costume demonic form (you want to bow before him).. just add to the epicness.

I guarantee this is one of those series that you'll want to show others. It's powerfully addictive. It won't take long until you too are chanting, "Go to D.M.C.!!!!"