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Gilgamesh DVD 1 (Hyb): Orphans of the Apocalypse

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Reviews of this title:

Handel S. Williams - Jan 11 2007
Rating: Wonderful!
Strange that I took so long to see how good this was
I had the first four volumes of this one for a while but never watched them. I had seen volume one and just kinda lost interest. I guess I am just so into the action titles lately that I let this sleeper hit get by me. But this show is creepy. Not scary at all, just creepy in the sense that you do not know who is right or wrong in the story. At one point or another, you will think that the good guys are these guys; wait! it's the other guys! No! It's THESE guys. the dialogue is great; suggestive and you will find yourself rewinding sometimes just to hear a line again while thinking "Did they really just say that?" This one is not for someone who likes the run of the mill anime. It's a mystery you want to solve before the end of the story puts the puzzle together for you. Definitely worth adding to your collection.