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Gunbuster Vol. 3 (S)

Episode 5
Ten years have passed on Earth and Noriko and Kazumi graduate from the space academy. The alien forces are preparing a massive attack on earth. Ota devises a revolutionary plan as Kazumi and Noriko once again fight for Earth's survival in the ultimate fighting machine: Gunbuster!

Episode 6
In the final episode, the year is 2048 A.D. (15 years after episode 5), the alien forces are regrouping for a final assault. Earth space force has devised the ultimate weapon, the black hole bomb, to destroy the alien menace once and for all. Courage and bravery propel Noriko, Kazumi, and their comrade Jung-Freud into a battle of epic proportions where Earth's survival hangs in the balance!

  • Format - English Subtitles

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