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Kaleido Star Season 2 + OVAs DVD Complete Collection (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Jenell l. McGregor - Jan 18 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
Loved it from beginning to end!
I throughly enjoyed Kaleido star at first looking at the cover I was like this isn't magical girl is it? lol I was impressed, I saw some of the episodes streaming and really enjoyed it. I am glad Funimation re-released this awesome series. It has so much heart,determination of going after your dreams, it also has lots of humor,drama, and overall I give it a 10! It is a really well rounded series which is rare to have an ending that I was completely happy with. Enjoyed it from beginning to end!

Ben C. Stanfield - Feb 7 2011
Rating: Pretty good!
Awesome Anime But...
Season 2 of this show is amazing and I love the opening. If you're reading this review for an idea of the show see Season 1. Kaleido Star Season 2 chronicles Sora's struggling to stay on top after the Legendary Great Maneuver with new adversaries, allies, and challenges. It never quite tops the first season, but it is a great homage. However, if you purchased the Season 2 from ADV (the original dubbers)and preferred the dub DO NOT BUY this. Funimation didn't even attempt to dub it with new actors, let alone the original cast (unlike the newest season of Full Metal Panic). On top of that, they made new menus which pale in comparison. However, if you lack Season 2 it is exactly what ADV aired just divided differently on discs with poor menus. The special features are even the same. This combined with my love of the music used and the general tone of the show makes it a great buy ONLY for those lacking Season 2 in their collection.