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Vampire Knight Guilty DVD Complete Series (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

J L - Jan 26 2012
Rating: Pretty good!
The plot thickens- unfortunately Yuki remains lame.
This season of Vampire Knight has some more exciting things happening- secrets about Yuki, Zero, Kaname and their relationships and pasts begin to intertwine and eventually will come to a climax. One thing I found intriguing about this season is that Kaname is shown as a bit more cold-blooded and ruthless, even manipulative and a not-so-nice guy, as opposed to the first season Kaname who is blindly adored by Yuki (rose-tinted glasses, anyone?).

Both Kaname and Zero are increasingly complicated, interesting characters this time. But sadly, Yuki is still playing the helpless damsel who always needs a guy to save her. This is especially unfortunate in this season because as Yuki's past is revealed, she has so much more potential to be a great, strong character.

But all that potential is totally wasted and as usual, it's left up to the boys to save the day. We even get a teasing glimpse of Yuki's super-cool looking weapon Artemis (in its full power form!) in one of the last episodes, but all she does is pose prettily with it. Naturally, while Yuki's standing there like a statue she gets nabbed again by a super-villain vampire without the slightest bit of resistance from her.

Even though Yuki is still this series' main weakness, VK Guilty is a great conclusion to the anime, with more action and secrets being revealed, along with a psychotic, frightening new enemy. It disappoints me that Yuki's character was so weak, because if she were stronger, this series would have earned a "wonderful". I would have loved to see Yuki really fight some bad guys/vampires, especially with her scary Artemis staff and the new abilities she discovers in this second season. It is still a lot of fun to watch though.

pamela painchaud - Sep 1 2012
Rating: Pretty good!
Good Season
I enjoyed both the seasons very much. I found the story esclated really quickly in this one and it ended a little abruptly but I did read the anime first.

Also I'm not sure if it was just my dvd player but scenes got pretty choppy around the second or third episode.

All in all I thought it was good and it kept me well entertained :)