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New Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon DVD (Hyb) LiveAction

The classic swordplay saga based on the acclaimed martial arts novel by Wang Du Lu and made for cinema by Ang Lee now gets a new interpretation in this expanded and exciting retelling!

To escape from an arranged marriage, the feisty and wild Yuk Jiao Lung secretly learns kung fu from her master, who is a former member of an anti-government rebel cult. At the same time, swordsman Li Mu Bai meets and falls in love with fellow swordswoman Yu Shu Lien when she takes revenge for her parents' death. The fates of all four of them will eventually link together with the appearance and theft of the legendary Green Destiny Sword. The reappearance of the notorious female bandit Jade Fox further complicates matters.

Spoken Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin (5.1, DTS), English (5.1), English subtitles.

  • Format - Hybrid

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