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Yu Yu Hakusho Season 3 DVD Box Set (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Christopher T. Daniel - Mar 13 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
Well the gang is all here in season #3 and they've entered the Dark Tournament to boot. Their going to battle the most fierce demon teams around and go for the adventure of a lifetime. This season brings out all the stops and has action never seen before. It's also selling at a really low price of $19.99 a pop. If your a favorite of this series, then, I recommend you buy this season too.

Lynn Smith - Jun 21 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
Great show, great price!
I am so excited these DVDs are out! I found this one at BestBuy for a bit less than $30, and for almost 30 episodes, that's a GREAT deal! It wraps up the Dark Tournament, the final fight with Togoro vs Yusuke, then heads back to the city, where the previous Spirit Detective has gone coo-coo and is trying to open a portal for all the most powerful demons to come through. Lots of action (of course), and at a brilliant price. This is a definite must buy for YYH fans, and I'll definitely be wanting - and more importantly, able - to pick up the others!

Nate Underwood - Jul 3 2010
Rating: Pretty good!
A great dvd that finishes the Dark tounrament while starting another.
This dvd season was awsome! The final fights were awsome and we get to see an even darker side to the Yu Yu hakusho universe. The box has hiei on the cover this time. As before the inside of each dvd case that contain the seperate dvds have thier own unique artwork. The front of the cases also have unique artwork.

I am glad that this has been added to my collection! It is a true classic that I enjoyed in my childhood and now adore as an adult. The only problem that I had was with the dvd cases. You see for some reason in a majority of Funimation dvds the little plastic things that hold the dvds in a broken off. I find this extremely irritating since I consider the slight possiblity of them being scratched. Notheless I am glad I bought this dvd season and can't wait to buy the final season!