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Matchless Raijin-Oh DVD 5 (Hyb)

The Jaku Empire has decided to take off the gloves and start fighting Raijin-Oh on its own terms, forcing the students of Class 5-3 toward the realization that the absolute invincibility of their robot isn't so absolute after all. Facing multiple foes at once, the kids decide that it is high time to up the ante!

Enter Bakuryu-Oh! With a new mechanical ally of their side, the Earth Defense Class can now compete in a two-on-two melee against their evil counterpart, the Jaku Empire's Leviathan and its monstrous escorts. However, with the Leviathan under the direct control of Belzeb, Felzeb and Taida, the two heroic machines together may still not be enough to save the day without one final ace in the hole...

Contains episodes 21-25:
The Enemy Raijin-Oh!
Launch! Invincible Soldier!
Appear! Super Invincible Union!
Operation Pet Panic!
We've Got The Scoop!

Special Features: Bloopers, Commentary with the Voice Actors of the Jaku Empire.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.


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