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Inu Yasha Movie 3 DVD (Hyb): Swords of an Honorable Ruler

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Reviews of this title:

trish pellerito - May 31 2005
Rating: Wonderful!
Put this on your "Gotta Have" list
I have this on Region 2 and was blown away by this film. If you only buy one film in the Inu-Yasha series, #3 - Tenka Haddou no Ken (Swords of an Honorable Ruler) is definately the one to have.

Technically, this is an awesome film: well animated, phat cell count, CGI only where it counts the most, and a rich color pallet. The character design was been tweaked again from the previous two films -- the character designs are more towards what we're used to in the anime (closer, anyway!).

The story is great - lots of action and enough backstory to fill in some gaps and tantalize fans. No romance this time -- but that's not the focus of this solid, stand-alone screenplay - it's all about 'family'this time around!

So what's Inu-Papa look like "in the flesh"? Is there a chance the Brothers Inu mend enough fences to celebrate future family holidays? Can Inu-Yasha finally weasel his way out of wearing those accursed 'baka beads'? You'll just have to spend a few bucks and see for yourself ....

Taylor E. McCauley - Jul 9 2005 InuYashaluvr9292
Rating: Wonderful!
Oh My God.
InuYasha the movie 2: Swords of an honorable ruler. I want to see this movie so badly, I love that you are showing it now. i cannot wait until it comes really out, for my birthday is but a few days before it. I am recieving it as a birthday gift(I will make someone but it for me!!!).