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Cool Devices 4 (S) Adult

Operation 07: Yellow Star
Her mother has married Mr. Fujisawa, a famous detective... a man who is playing his authority for all it's worth. He's involved with some very unpleasant underworld types, and one of his shadier deals is trafficking a unique drug: Yellow Star.

This chemical compound is the ultimate date-rape drug... it accentuates pleasure while depriving its victims of their will. Our Mr. Fujisawa has a seemingly unending supply... and a taste for young women, particularly when they are denied by all conventions to him. His new wife is not enough. He must have her at all costs. Again, and again...

Operation 08: Slave Warrior MAYA I
On this world, unimaginable lightyears from Earth, there is a prophecy of a Druid Warrior who will one day arise and vanquish the evildoers. The legend says that the soldier will appear in the humblest of forms... superior to man... or to woman. How can this be? Oh, you'll find out...

Operation 09: Slave Warrior MAYA II
Now considerably different than she was before, Maya Misutani is currently enjoying the hospitality of Lord Estilgar... and her new bodypart. She still wants to go home to Earth, and the opportunity comes to attempt an escape. Fail, though, and their punishment will be most severe...

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

  • Format - English Subtitles

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