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Dojin Work DVD+Manga Bargain Bundle (S)

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Reviews of this title:

John A. Callahan - Jan 7 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
Pervy & Hilarious
You will know the tone of the manga series from the very first scene, in which the deviously manipulative but ostensibly sweet doujinshi artist Tsuyuri invites her friend Najimi to participate in the "quite perverted" activity that has been keeping her up late at night. Tsuyuri is talking about hentai "dojin work", but Najimi thinks she is being invited to a training session on <ahem> "self-pleasuring". Once that initial misunderstanding is cleared up, Najimi thinks she can become rich making doujishi and sets out to sell her work. The fact that she has little talent does not discourage her. The manga is deliciously funny, at all times pervy, full of amusing characters constantly misunderstanding each other and just completely enjoyable. It is a shame that it is only 4 short volumes. The anime was obviously toned down for a more general audience and is not as funny as a result, but still worth the watch. The DVD extras, which follow the efforts of the voice actors to create a doujinshi comic, is actually quite informative. Don't miss this easily-overlooked little gem - particularly in this bargain bundle opportunity.

Andrew Inman - Dec 13 2013
Rating: Wonderful!
Hilarious Misunderstandings.
This series is pure comedy about artists trying to make money with Doujinshi (self-published manga). One character can't even draw but thinks it'll be easy money; her friend makes erotic manga. Along their journey toward a manga career, tons of comedy moments arise through embarrassment and misunderstandings. It's a anime/manga that you can just enjoy for the laughs without worrying about a plot. Anime is subbed only so you do have to focus on some reading.