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Akira Blu-ray (Hyb)

Kaneda spends his nights racing his motorbike through the urban wastes against rival groups. One night, his friend Tetsuo suddenly encounters a strange boy and is injured in the ensuing crash. A military squadron appears on the scene to take the boy and Tetsuo away to an army research lab. Determined to free Tetsuo from captivity, Kaneda sneaks into the lab. However, a regimen of extreme experimental procedures has awakened a new, mad power in his friend...

Retail Price: $49.98
Your Price: $37.49
Diebuster the Movie Blu-ray (S)

In a future where the Space Monsters resume their invasion of the Sol System, the abilities of young men and women known as the Topless, and their Buster Machines, are mankind's final line of defense! One day, runaway girl Nono sets out for the capital to become a space pilot and meets the fighter ace Lal'C... neither realizing that the future of humanity rests on the both of them!

Retail Price: $49.98
Your Price: $37.49
Freedom (Freedom Project) Blu-ray Box Set (Hyb)

In the 23rd Century, mankind has fled earth and emigrated to the moon. The last outpost of civilization is the Lunar Republic of Eden, where the omnipresent Citizens Administration Council grants residents everything they need... except their freedom.

Retail Price: $139.98
Your Price: $104.99
Gunbuster the Movie Blu-ray (S)

As humanity sets out for distant space, a Machine Weapon squadron is created to combat the onrushing opposition of the Space Monsters. To avenge her father's death and to win victory for all mankind, Noriko Takaya, scouted for her potential, joins her "One-sama," Kazumi Amano, aiming to become an elite pilot - a "Top." The curtain rises on their hard and perilous battle!

Retail Price: $49.98
Your Price: $37.49
Gunbuster vs. Diebuster: Aim for the Top! GATTAI!! Movie Blu-ray (S)

GATTAI means "combine," and just like the fighting mecha of the heroines, Hideaki Anno's Gunbuster and Kazuya Tsurumaki's Diebuster have come together to form The GATTAI!! Movie! Each OVA series has been re-edited into two theatrical features. The 12,000 year saga of friendship, heroism, hard work and guts achieves final victory in Aim for the Top! The GATTAI!! Movie!

Retail Price: $99.98
Your Price: $74.99
Gundam, Mobile Suit UC (Unicorn) Blu-ray 1 (Hyb)

The year is U.C. 0096. Three years have passed since the end of the Second Neo Zeon War. It is said that the Vist Foundation manipulates the Earth Federation and Anaheim Electronics from behind the scenes. Hoping to create a new world, the Foundation attempts to hand over a certain secret to the Neo Zeon remnants known as the Sleeves. The exchange is to take place at the manufacturing colony Industrial 7, the home of student Banagher Links. He is drawn into the conflict, almost as if pulled by his own bloodline.

Retail Price: $49.98
Your Price: $39.99
SOS! Tokyo Metro Explorers: The Next Blu-ray (S)

In the summer of 2006, 5th grader Ryuhei Ozaki discovers a journal, "Tokyo Exploring Records," which was written by his father Shohei when he was young. Ryuhei forms his own exploration team with his online friends, Shun and Yoshio. One day during summer vacation, the three boys along with Ryuhei's brother, who happens to sneak along, go down a manhole into the sewers looking for a hidden treasure indicated on their father's map.

Retail Price: $64.98
Your Price: $48.74

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