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3 x 3 Eyes DVD Bargain Bundle (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

B W. BODDY - Jun 13 2011
Rating: This sucked!
I couldn't stand it!
It seemed like it would have been a good Anime except for the fact that the Lead character never opened his eyes , I hate that look, and it’s hard to watch, I couldn’t make it through the 2nd episode before I had to stop watching it.

You know that look where the eyes are just two lines that look like a frown, well that’s the look. It made me squint while watching it, I didn’t relies it till my wife asked me if I was alright.

If the squint doesn’t bother you than I’m sure this would be a fine Anime for you to watch.

Lord Storm - Aug 5 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
Deep story, draws you in with a shock of unexpected violence.
3x3 Eyes is one of the great classics of Manga and Anime. If you had never seen it, you're luckier than those of us who watched the original Streamline/Orion release... that never put out the last episode.

Now you can see the first 2 arcs of the Manga, affectionately known as Yakumo gets creamed ever five seconds, and Yakumo becomes a badass guardian, respectively. This series dragged me in, with the parallels to Hindu myth, the magics that hide just behind the world we know.

And the professional exorcist that believes magic is fake, but has wards that actually work on her pseudo-demonic or divine companions and she doesn't notice.

In short, one of the better ones out there, equal parts horror, drama, and comedy. The art style is very different than a lot of current shows, but it was made almost 20 years ago. There are few shows as well done in the time between. Absolutely a must-see.