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No. 6 Blu-ray Complete Collection (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Audrey T. Rivera - Nov 15 2012
Rating: Pretty good!
Overall Great Item!
In general I love the theme/plot of No. 6, but the anime itself is lacking some of the depth and intensity of the original novel and the manga.

I understand Bones wanted to tone down a few things for sale purposes, but I believe some things did take away from the intended impact. Considering they received Atsuko Asano's consent, I guess it's ok.

It is nice to see the characters come to life with unique coloring and beautiful animation (at least what I know of for the Blu-Ray edition). Although the mouth and words do not exactly match for the English version, so for that matter I stuck to the Subs.

Overall, if you enjoyed the novel and would like to see your favorite couple come to life, this is a great buy!