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Moon Phase

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Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase Graphic Novel 10

Kouhei and Hazuki continue to lie low on the mysterious island and learn more about how their fates seem to be entwined. Kouhei vows to protect Hazuki, and Hazuki comes to terms with the possibility of never seeing her mother again. Things seem to be going swimmingly with the upcoming festival on the island, but what they don't know is that an enemy has been among them the whole time, disguised...

Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase Graphic Novel 11

After everything they've been through, Kouhei and Hazuki are happy to find themselves on a secluded island with nothing around but calm seas, azure skies, sacred ruins and... Freya?! The troublesome vampire is back and up to her old bloodsucking, slave-making tricks. But the battle to save Kaoru from demonic possession will reveal a controlling force more powerful and evil than any they've faced.

Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase Graphic Novel 12

After Hazuki is taken away to Oyakata-sama's castle, the Nameless One gives Kouhei a powerful weapon to use in the fight to get her back. Weapon in hand, Kouhei, Kaoru, Art and Hikaru leave the island to look for gate to the Eclipse Side, which is where Hazuki is being held, but how are they supposed to find it? Only with the help of an old friend...

Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase Graphic Novel 2

After two weeks of doing chores in Kouhei's Grandfather's antique shop, Hazuki asks him for a taste of blood. Not taking rejection lightly, Hazuki furiously prowls the streets for a victim to suck on. Her blood thirst leads to a chain reaction of ill-fated events. Can Hazuki live without using her magic on others?

Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase Graphic Novel 3

When the devious Count Kinkle lures Hazuki away, Kouhei and his grandfather do everything in their power to search for her. A trail of clues leads them to a hotel, where they are confronted by a fierce monster! But suddenly, Ellefriese appears and helps them defeat the beast. The two men are thankful - and puzzled. Why would she help an "enemy"?

Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase Graphic Novel 4

The Earl of Kinkel makes Kouhei and Hazuki an offer they can't refuse. He kidnaps Kouhei's grandfather, which forces them to the mansion where Hazuki used to live with her mother. But when they arrive, Hazuki starts to recall some memories from the mansion - and learns more about her mysterious ability...

Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase Graphic Novel 5

Hazuki is not feeling like her old self - literally! She has become a very elegant, well-mannered girl named Luna. But Kouhei is still her slave, even if what he really wants is to be her love slave. Luna has mystic powers during the full moon. Could this be the reason she was locked in the castle?

Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase Graphic Novel 6

Kouhei's crush deepens after spending more time with Hazuki. He longs to protect her from all that is evil. He asks his grandfather to teach him some powerful fighting techniques, but his grandfather has other plans for Kouhei that are more important for survival. Kouhei must learn quickly in order to stop a mysterious man from kidnapping Hazuki.

Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase Graphic Novel 7

Mario has found out where Luna (Hazuki) has been hiding. With murder on his mind, he made his way to Kouhei's house. Kouhei's grandfather must do whatever it takes to stop Mario. Will Hazuki be able to escape the wrath of Mario and protect Kouhei? Meanwhile, Mario isn't the only person looking for Hazuki, and there is something in the shadows patiently waiting to attack.

Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase Graphic Novel 8

The attack brought on by Valgus and his master Art has resulted in poor Hikaru's kidnapping! The stakes are raised and that means Kouhei must stand up to the challenge. Will unlocking the hidden power within him be enough? And is it worth the cost of fearing the ones he loves?

Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase Graphic Novel 9

Hotels, swimming pools, and a lot of relaxation... or at least that's what they had hoped for. Just as things seem like they might settle down at their secret hide-out, Kouhei and the gang must once again relocate to an island to keep Hazuki safe. Only one thing - vampires and water don't exactly mix. To make matters worse, the special connection that continues to grow between Hazuki and Kouhei is being threatened, and it's by someone in their very midst...

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