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Ghost Sweeper Mikami DVD Collection 1 (S)

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Lars M - Dec 12 2012
Rating: Pretty good!
A fun show for older fans or hardcore otaku
I personally love this show, but it is definitely old-school, which may turn off more recent anime fans. There are no CG special effects, and while crisp and colorful, the animation is dated--early 90's dated. There are also no true frights to be had here; this is a supernaturally-flavored comedic anime aimed mainly at a younger audience. Though there is no true fan-service, the slapstick violence, innuendo, and some dialog move it from G into PG/PG13 territory at times. However, if like me you grew up watching older anime, and like stories featuring yokai ( Japanese ghosts, monsters, goblins,etc),you might well enjoy this charming lil' series. RECOMMENDED!