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One Piece DVD Collection 2 (Hyb) (Eps 27-53) Uncut

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Reviews of this title:

caleb r. helmer - Aug 15 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
never gets old
one piece for life worth every penny

Antoine Thibodeau - Oct 31 2014
Rating: Wonderful!
Funimation does it again
The Straw Hat crew is back on DVD with 27(!) action-packed episodes of their trip to reach the Grand Line. Finishing off the Baratie arc and covering all the way to Luffy's departure from Logue Town, this second box set does everything the first one did right and then some. The amazing voice actors hit their mark once again with these episodes, making it a joy to discover (or rediscover) this part of the story. Two episode commentaries are again the only real bonus features present in this box set, but they are extremely insightful and interesting. Besides, with episodes like these, there's no room to complain about the bonus features! If you liked the first box set, or if you're still a bit skeptic about liking this show, buy this DVD, you won't regret it!