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Fate/Zero Blu-ray Box 2 (S) (Import) (US Customers)

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Free! Season 1 DVD Complete Collection (S) (Iwatobi Swim Club)
Dana M. Dabash - May 27 2015
Rating: Wonderful!
The Anime Is FANTASTIC...Packaging? Not so Much...
If you haven't watched Free! yet, then you absolutely must, especially if you like sports anime! The animations only problem is that the packaging is horrific...OMG if I didn't know better, it looks almost identical to what bootleg cases look like...I mean in my 800+ box set collection...this officially takes the cake for horrible...the printing is horrible, the picture isn't that well made...its just yuck...I really hope they decide to upgrade for season 2!!!
Angel of Darkness Movie 4 DVD (S) LiveAction Adult
anonymouse anonymous - May 30 2015
Rating: This sucked!
old and aweful
No real sex views - soft porn only