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Lethe Graphic Novel

At the turn of the century, Earth encounters a state of emergency by humankind. Some of the surviving humans launch a number of fleets for their existence: The Constitution Series, the main computer dispatched to the space for the planet development plan. Hundreds of years later, a few successful fleets of the series begin to aid humankind exist in the space.

Named "Blue Phoenix," they are dispersed in 7 different solar systems. Meanwhile, there's Gorgonia, a new human empire born of a fleet that falls on the outer side of the Galaxy when the fleet's gene combination function fails.

The Federation Blue Phoenix wages Space War I against Gorgonia to keep the purity in human genes. The federation triumphs and colonizes the Gorgoneans. But the second Space War is just waiting around the corner for these two entities that will not compromise the fate of Earth.

Story and art by Kimjin.


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