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Ai Ore! Graphic Novel 1

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Reviews of this title:

Max P. Sterling - May 20 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
very funny
this is a twist on a romance story. where at two different schools one for all boys and one for all girls two people are looks at as being the prince and princess of there school. that's right a guy Akira that looks like a girl and the girl Mizuki that looks like a guy. Mizuki just happens to be the leader of a band that Akira wants to join after there lead singer movies away. but being a boy doesnt help. but looking like a girl does. he can walk right into the girls schook with no problems and continue to ask to be in the band. but something happens that Mizuki doesn't plain on. he start to flirt with her none stop. and she finds her self falling in love with him. but as all good romance stories go they have misunderstanding and Akira might not be so nice a person as he lets on. lets face it a guy with a girls face. he has probably gotten into many fights over it. i couldnt stop laughing. it was alot of fun to watch gods love can be a blessing or a curse. no matter how you look at it we still want it.