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Doki Doki School Hours DVD 1 (Hyb): 1st Hour

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Reviews of this title:

Amy E. Cybulski - Dec 18 2008
Rating: Pretty good!
Very Funny
This is a very funny anime. Think along the lines of Azumanga Daioh. The manga version, as the anime of azumanga fell short of how funny the manga really was. There are crazy bizarre moments, a guy whose sometimes a girl, a boy in love with another boy, a girl student obsessed with their teacher because she's so cute, the list goes on. This one is well worth the money.

chikunda c. rawls - Dec 9 2010
Rating: This sucked!
good if you are just willing to watch anything
no purpose in this cartoon at all unless that was the purpose. after the first dvd i decided it couldn't get worst. i bought the second. i'm sorry...