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Shiki DVD/Blu-ray Part 1 (Hyb) Limited Edition

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Reviews of this title:

Robbie E. Lusk - May 18 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
A perfect horror series
Shiki,translated in english as "corpse demon", begins with a series of mysterious deaths in a tiny rural village called Sotoba. Even though many of the victims display the same mysterious symptoms, the towns doctor can't pinpoint the cause of the deaths. They begin around the time a new family moves into a mansion, overlooking the small town. Unfortunately, many of the townsfolk are too focused on their everyday lives to notice that something strange is going on and for some that mistake proves to be fatal.

The village doctor, Ozaki Toshio, begins searching for the cause of the deaths and eventually discovers that the village is being targeted by undead creatures similar to vampires. Another man,Seishin Muroi, the junior monk of Sobata finds himself torn between two worlds, either of which he may not be able to return from. At the same time, Natsuno Yuuki, a young man who truly hates life in Sobata discovers the same shocking truths as the doctor and searches desperately for a way to put an end to the threat once and for all.

The animation and soundtrack to this series are amazing. This series is genuinely creepy but so fun to watch. The first few episodes are abit slow but it's a good setup and worth the wait. It's hard not to want to continue on to the next episode to see what happens next.

Themes included are guilt, anger and redemption. I found this anime to be very moving and insightful. I highly recommend everyone check this one out. This series will definately have you asking yourself, "Who are the real monsters in this story?"

The english dub is very good and the artwork and animation by Studio Daume is awesome. This is a perfectly spooky series to watch with your significant other. It's worth owning this one for sure.

P1 contains episodes 1-12 on 2 DVDs and 2 Blu ray discs. P2 contains episodes 13-22 on 2 DVDs and 2 Blu ray discs including the two part OVA 20.5 "Twentieth Mourning and Offense" and 21.5 "Twenty-First Slaughter and Offense".

Disc 1 extras include an Episode 1 commentary with Mike McFarland,Jerry Jewell,David Wald and John Burgmeier. Disc 2 extras include an Episode 12 commentary with Mike McFarland,Chris Burnett,Tia Ballard and Alexis Tipton. The extras also include some TV preview featurettes,OP and CL songs, and Funimation trailers.

Fiona N. Liddelow - Jun 11 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
Shiki: taking friendship and burning it.
The anime I'm reviewing, Shiki, has an amazing story (based on the novels by Fuyumi Ono famous for Ghost Hunt and The Twelve Kingdoms) and looks amazing all the way, from start to finish. First of all, let me tell you that one of Shiki's strongest points is it's atmosphere: if you don't get sucked into it, then you're not gonna get what makes this series shine or what makes it creepy. I reccomend watching an episode or two on FUNimation's website first to decide if you want to continue watching and if you don't get it anyway, the box is pretty. 'Nuff said. Shiki is an amazing anime that takes what you know about vampires and twists it in a way of making you second guess what is truly right and wrong and trying to figure out who were the REAL monsters in this show. Another thing done wonderfully in this show is that it takes a more realistic view on the subject of the supernatural. The setting is a small, cut-off town and a lot of the story takes place under the assumption that the deaths are not in fact caused by vampires (enter realistic views). Many characters don't believe anything supernatural is taking place until a few episodes in so it has a slower start with the matter than one would think but if you give it time, this series will show you many a great things. The characters are all likable even if you don't want to like them and for the most part, you will get attached to some of them and the relationships they share with others. The character designs are very unique and exaggerated (I am very grateful for this seeing as how we have A LOT of characters, makes it easier to tell them apart) and the backgrounds/art is just plain beautiful, like something out of a snapshot. Music is also very nicely done. Props to FUNimation for getting the extra episodes and the blu-ray. A warning to some viewers: This series does contain gore and violence though it is mainly in part two of the series. Some scenes are sad and may or may not leave you in tears.

Really long story short, Shiki has managed to wiggle it's way into my heart as an amazing anime and it continues to be one of my favorites of all time.

Paul vargas - Jun 15 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
i loved this series my dad got it for my birthday my bought me the copy from your store at first i tought i would of preffer a new game or somthing and so i sead this is not gonna be that good but after watching episode 1 i was hooked so much i finished it in one day what impressed me the most was the detail in the color in blu-ray that looked amazing thank for these release.

John A. Callahan - Jan 3 2013
Rating: Wonderful!
Shades of gray make the story so much better.
There are some good, detailed reviews here, so I just want to add my voice to those urging you to watch Shiki. Horror anime is hard to pull off, but this one works amazingly well on suspense, creepy atmosphere and some very vivid scenes. I watched it in two days - just couldn't stop! I particularly like anime in which the characters are not black & white and wow! does this series ever deliver in that characteristic. You will struggle to put any of the characters in a stereotype box. Everyone is conflicted in their response to the unfolding horror taking place in this remote little town. Even the Shiki are complex and you will honestly feel for them.Scenes in which infected are tied to stakes as dawn arrives, a jealous girl victimizes the best friend of her crush for spite, when a beautiful shiki is brutally murdered and when the town doctor performs experiments on a particular infected will stay with you for a very long time. This ain't High School of the Dead, kids (although I love that one too), this one is all serious. You should know that the series does not wrap up in the first season - you need to see them both so just go ahead and order them together.