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Magic Knight Rayearth Collection 1 DVD (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Charles Kusiak - May 8 2000
Rating: Wonderful!
Magic Knights Kick Ass
My interest in the series begat when I bought an import copy of the video game for Sega Saturn back in 1995. Having finally seen some of the series, I can truly and unhesitantly say that this one of the best if not THE BEST shojo anime in existence. The climax, in which the girls end up having to fight a vengeful Princess Emeraude to the death is well worth the price of admission. My only gripe: whatever happened to the "Who Will It Be Today?" stingers at the end of each show from the Japanese LD version?

Burnace D. Coleman - Nov 7 2002
Rating: Wonderful!
Comicaly addictive!
I have to say, when I opened the Rayearth Memorial Set 1, I was exited, and after the first episode I was hooked. both my wife and I then put the rest of the discs in our 5 dvd player, and sat down for a wild time. Between the comedy of 3 girls being thrust into an unknown world, and having the impossible asked of them, to the drama of their struggle, Magic Knight Rayearth has something for everyone. The only downside is there seems to be a creature of the episode type thing going on that can be monotonous. if only there were more "personal" moments, alowing the girls to get to know eack other and the world around them.... All in all it is a great anime, and a classic series. Definitely on that any otaku should have.

Ron D. Highland - Sep 22 2003
Rating: Wonderful!
After playing the old SNSE game(import) and it made me want to watch the T.V. series. I wasn't disappointed with the game and I wasn't at all dissapointed with the series, either. The story is laid out like an RPG but, with a huge twist at the end. The character developement in this series is superb. The characters find themselves going through trials and tribulations with emotions riding high and funny bones tickled while they meet their journey to meet their destinies of becoming Magic Knights. You'll find a good mix of almost every human emotion and feeling(love,hate,fun,friendship,etc.) known to exist. This one is definately worth watching.

kym y. toogi - Feb 3 2004 magicknights_cephiro@
Rating: Wonderful!
extreme of the extreme
very extremely nice

Lindsey Switzer - Jul 7 2004
Rating: Wonderful!
I've always enjoyed the CLAMP stories, and I had it on the authority of a few friends that this was a great show, so I got it, and I was not disappointed.

The characters are fun--Hikaru is enthusiastic and energetic but clueless, Fuu is intelligent and mature, but manipulative, and Umi is spastic and spoiled, but good-hearted. AND MOKONA RULES, YO!

MKR also sets itself apart from a lot of other shojo animes and mangas because rather than focus on some romantic thing, the real story here is the close friendship that develops between three girls as they journey through a strange world to save the person who supports it. While there is romance, it doesn't really show up until much later, and even then, it's more of a subplot then anything else. It's not the main focal point, and that is something that makes this stand out among shojo animes, in my opinion. The main theme is friendship, not romance.

I'd recommend this if you want a good laugh (Mokona and Presea...woo, boy...), and want to be entertained through a 'coming of age' story, of sorts. It sticks pretty close to the manga, throwing in a new character and lengthening the story a bit. But it helps the story along.

Go for it!